- An 'Unofficial' library for the Facebook API in Java -

Join the development

To contribute your code, follow the instructions below.

  1. Report to the mailing list Report the bug, or the feature request to the mailing list . If you are sure that the issue is not a known or a duplicated one, you can skip this step and go to step 2.

  2. Submit the issue Submit the issue to JIRA .

  3. Fix it Fix the source code accordingly in a branch named FFJ-XXX. Make sure that:
    • The code meets the coding convention
    • JUnit test case is included in the change
    • The issue# (FFJ-***) is included in the commit log
    • newly created files contain @author tag and the terms of license
  4. Send a pull request Send a pull request to the upstream repository

  5. Merge and close The Jira issue will be closed once the pull request was merged and all test cases were passed.

Coding convention

Source code need to respect Code Conventions for the Java(TM) Programming Language as much as possible. And indentation is four spaces.
Use of APIs introduced at Java 6+ is not allowed since Facebook4J is desigined to be compatible with Java 5.

Issue management

Atlassian supports our efforts by contributing their bug tracking and issue tracking application, JIRA , to our project.
Running on Atlassian OnDemand .
Atlassian is offering an Open Source Project License of Atlassian OnDemand to Facebook4J.org.

Continuous Integration

Facebook4J is built continuously by Travis CI .
And get the great coverage reporting via Coveralls.
Travis CI Coveralls